Friday, January 18, 2013

Braylen Meeting Friends

I wanted to post a few pictures of Braylen meeting some of our favorite people when we got back from Ohio. Braylen was a VERY busy boy his first week in Kansas City.

Edison meets Braylen
 Tom & Lisa came from STL
 Gigi couldn't stay away...back in KC already
 Kelly & Kirra
 Nana Burkett & Braylen
 Aunt Kathi meets Braylen
 Braylen met Kim at a bar after a wedding
Aunt Jacque & Uncle Scotty with Braylen
Meeting Keene
Auntie Kristi making everyone be quiet
Catching up with the Jones'
 Braylen hanging out with Kynsey
 Tired babies
Celebrating Casey's birthday
 Snuggling with Aunt Eva & Uncle Jake
Meeting Papa Mark
Watching football with Uncle Corby
These are just a few of the many people we love and wanted Braylen to meet in his first few days...

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