Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday to the greatest, most wonderful Mom I could have ever asked for! Wish we could have seen you to celebrate your day!

We love you!

Packin' Up & Movin'

It's (almost) official. We are moving. As most of you know, we built a house in the 'burbs a couple years ago. We quickly realized that we aren't really "suburb people" (I know, Dad- you called it). We decided to put our house on the market in March and have suffered through the last few months with an immaculate house, last minute showings and people showing up at our door unannounced. Well, it FINALLY paid off. Yesterday, we got an offer on the house and after lots of counter offers we accepted! Today, they gave us their earnest check so now we are just waiting on the inspection and we will be good to go. I am assuming the inspection will be a breeze since our house is only 2 years old.

Our buyers used a few unusual tactics when putting the offer on our house. Here's the story...
They showed up late (after the hour window to see the house) yesterday and so Quentin was home when they arrived. Quentin offered to leave the house, but they insisted he stay so he could answer some questions. Apparently, they had seen our house before and this was their second visit. Quentin spent the next 45 minutes showing them every last detail of our house. A few hours later, we received a call from our realtor saying that they were writing an offer and he would call when he had it. A short time later, Brian called with their first offer- $10,000 below asking price PLUS the following: $2500 closing costs, a home warranty, our 3 sets of patio furniture, our living room furniture, our family room furniture, our game table, washer and dryer, all kitchen and bar appliances, 2 mounted TV's and all of our stereo equipment. Um....what?!?! Are you serious? Do you want my clothes too? Obviously, we countered and again and again and again. We were out with our friends Scotty and Jacque and kept having to step outside to talk to Brian, our realtor. I think Brian said that we ended up having 10 counter offers. These people really loved our stuff! It was almost comical and I believe both realtors were forced to drink heavily last night due to these funny buyers. Finally, at about 11:30pm we came to an agreement. Whew, that was exhausting just rehashing it! Don't worry, we did not give up all our furniture and belongings. We actually ended with a pretty good deal and are going to walk away with a little cash, but do have to leave some patio furniture, TV's and stereo equipment. Apparently, these people don't realize there is this awesome place called Best Buy where you can buy TV's. I think Q is secretly excited to upgrade his TV anyway so it all worked out!

Of course, our buyers want to move in August 15th so we better kick it into gear to find a new place to live. Another side note, we had considered moving back into our condo for a year (our renters moved out a few weeks ago), but we actually rented it to a new couple last week...go figure! Oh well, we probably didn't want to live in a condo when we have a child anyway...and our dogs have gotten really used to having a yard.

We are a little sad to move away from our fav neighbors, Jake and Eva, but I'm sure we will still see them just as much when we are 20 minutes apart instead of 20 seconds!

Goodbye Suburbs...Hello City!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

{Continuing To Wait}

As I may have mentioned before, I am not the most patient person in the world- and neither is my husband. Traffic, lines, slow walking people drive us crazy! So, this whole adoption process may be driving us a little crazy. We have gotten our hopes up several times the last few months only to have them knocked back down. We are now trying to be a little more proactive in our adoption search. For the last few months we have been using a local agency (who is absolutely wonderful by the way). The only problem is that they only do about 25 adoptions total a year- and the majority of them are cute little caucasian babies. The problem? In case you haven't noticed, we are a biracial couple and kinda want to adopt a biracial baby. So...we have decided to start working with another agency (and still keep working with our current one too). A little larger agency agency this time. Still located in Kansas City, but they do a ton of national adoptions. As in about 300 a year- and even better than this number, is that they do a TON of biracial babes in that total! Yay! You may ask, "why didn't you use this agency in the first place?" Well, good question. The main reason we chose to initially use a smaller agency is cost. Adoption is a little pricey no matter what route you choose, however some agencies charge up front fees and some don't. Our first agency did not charge until we were matched with a baby (bonus!). The new agency, on the other hand, charges some up front fees, but the majority is due at match.

It almost feels like we are starting over because this new agency has an entirely different process. I have just spent the last +/- 8 hours filling out paperwork and online profiles, copying paperwork and finding over 100 pictures for our new profile. Yikes!! I have a few pictures I need to take of our house and neighborhood tomorrow, but after that I should be done. Hooray! Well, for now anyway. Our new agency also requires us to do a video profile so in the next week or so a video camera and instructions will arrive at our doorstep so we can film ourselves. Be prepared friends and may be asked to make special video appearances! :)

On a side note is was SO nice to have my fam in town this weekend to take our minds off all we have to do in regards to adoption. Thank you for sidetracking us...even if just for a few days!