Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Book Club

Last month, a few of the girls has the awesome idea of starting a book club. Um...magazine club...err, wine club. Let me explain.

We thought it would be fun to have a night out once a month- just the girls. It just so happens, that one of our favorite wine bars has buy one get one free bottles of wine on Monday nights. It was meant to be. Who can pass up that deal?!?

So, the club started out with every intention to be a "book club", but hey, we are all busy people. Between work, kids, travel and other commitments we all agreed that finding the time to agree on a book and all of us actually reading it in a months time probably wouldn't happen. Enter idea of magazine club. Who doesn't have time to skim a magazine? We thought we could all come to "club" and tell the group something interesting that we learned in a magazine that month. Sounds legit, right? :) We agreed, magazine club it was. However, to make our "club" sound a little more legitimate (ie, so the boys didn't get annoyed we were going out once a month) we decided to continue to call it "Book Club". Plus, for some reason, when people hear you are in a book club it makes you sound more intelligent. I mean, someone may think it is ridiculous that you are going to happy hour on a Monday, but who can possibly say anything about "Book Club"?!?

Last night, marks month 2 of "Book Club." A good time was had, as always. Were any books discussed? No. Magazines...um, probably not. But, Monday wine night was definitely a success! :)