Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Networking...does it really work?

Quentin recently started his own law firm with a friend. Obviously, with a new business networking is a big deal. Quentin who previously has been opposed to social networking (no Facebook page for him!) has now become a big fan of LinkedIn. He spends many a night looking through this website and connecting with people he thinks might be a good contact. Believe it or has worked! Business people have been willing to meet him for coffee and he has made several good contacts! Who knew?!? Maybe social networking isn't so bad after all!

Side note, Q STILL doesn't have a Facebook page, he has given in and at least the firm now has a page! Baby steps...

Now, to the real point of this post. I have heard from many different people that the best way to find a potential child to adopt is through networking. Quentin and I have been hesitant to share every aspect of our personal lives with people, but we are slowly getting better at it (ie blog). We have met and heard about several couples who have adopted through a friend of a friend, word of mouth, posting cards on bulletin boards, advertising online, etc. So, I guess we will give it a try.

Our adoption profile is now on our agency website:

Today, I have also joined several websites that allow agencies to search through potential adoptive parent profiles. I have also emailed several adoption attorneys in several states who will hold our profile at no charge.

I know we have a lot of friends with creative minds so I am asking you to give me any suggestions you can think of- no matter how crazy or unlikely they may seem. You never know who or what will put you in contact with a potential birthmother! I can't wait to hear your ideas!

HURRY UP...and wait.

Since beginning our adoption journey everything has been rush, rush, rush...until our home study was approved last month. Since then, our rushing has turned into waiting. I am definitely not the most patient person in the world and I am definitely much more impatient while waiting for a baby. I find myself constantly checking my phone and email to see if our agency or attorney have tried to get in contact with us, constantly looking at other agencies websites to see if they happen to be looking for adoptive parents for a specific situation and borderline stalking adoption websites and forums.

I have made some new friends in adoption forums who are in the same situation as us and who are also experiencing the waiting. It's nice to know others are having a similar experience and we are not alone while we wait.

Please keep us in your prayers that our waiting will be short lived and we will be matched with a birthmother soon!